World champion gets children ready for Ambleside Sports

Children at our local primary schools are learning the skills of traditional wrestling from a world champion.

Connie Hodgson, the Ladies All Weights world champion at Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling, was invited to do some coaching at Ambleside, Grasmere, Coniston and Langdale Schools.

It’s part of the build-up to Ambleside Sports when the Junior Schools Tournament is the first event on the wrestling programme.

“It’s not a haphazard attempt to get youngsters to have a go,” said Ambleside Sports president Jak Hirst. “The children are taking part in training which takes them through the basic holds, moves and etiquette used in traditional wrestling.”

Now mini tournaments will take place in the individual schools and ultimately a team of four will be selected from each school to take part at Ambleside Sports. 

Said Ambleside Primary School teacher Megan Rimmer: “The children can’t believe they’re allowed to wrestle each other in school! They also like the fact that the smaller children with a good technique can bring the bigger children down. Now they are all looking forward to seeing the experts in action at Ambleside Sports.”

The Junior Wrestling Tournament is sponsored by the Ambleside Freemasons Lodge.

Ambleside Sports will be held on Thursday July 28 at Rydal Park. Tickets are available online at

We are a few minutes’ walk away from the sports ground so call us now if you’d like to stay close to the action. Go here to return to our website

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